Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bass signal chain

I'm staunchly 'no modellers' when it comes to signal chain for primary instruments - I've never used one that sounds as good as high quality analogue chain for drive/grit/presence/balls or whatever you want to call it. Better to have one very good tone than twenty 80% ones.

Current signal change for the bass is Spector Euro LX fretless 5 string with EMGs and Tone Pump preamp into EH English Muff'n (now with 12AT7 tubes...see last post), into a sansamp Bass Driver DI, all controls flat except blend at 50, into preamp of Carvin B1500 bass amp, EQ and drive depending on context, then into DAW where a voxengo voxformer channel strip plugin has a low pass starting at around 5k. Surgical EQ/limiting/saturation during mixing with other plugs.

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