Friday, January 29, 2010

Flak Planet

Earth Divided By Zero is off to the pressing plant soon!

Before christmas I wrote a new album currently called 'Flak Planet' over about a week in one of my obbsessive creative spurts - at least, all the bass and drum parts. Martin has written and tracked material for these songs, and will be having a session at some point with a larger horn ensemble.

I've employed a more stripped down approach arrangment wise - though this has meant the bass riffage is probably now rivalling Meshuggah in terms of time signature complexity as it is carrying much more of the melodic aspects of the song form: as well as the thundering rhythmic underpinnings. There will some really rich horn work - this will be a very distinctive album and I hope to get it turned around quickly.

'Symmetry though Collapse' is still in the conceptual stage. I have some songs in the wings for that one but the overall 'sense' of that album has not arrived yet. I hope to get Elaine working on material for that one as well as Martin. I'm considering a vinyl release maybe with free downloads.


  1. hi

    when is the exact release date? any plans for vinyl?

    enjoying your stuff a lot lately.


  2. Sorry I missed your comment. Album already released. I've been mulling over doing vinyl for while - after all, thats what proper records are made of!