Tuesday, December 15, 2009

General Update

The next album 'Earth Divided By Zero' will be out in the new year (the best time of year to sell anything, right?). The music is all finished. There are some previews on the myspace page. I think its the most focused CA album yet. Pretty intense with a sort of psychedelic feel - there are quite a few 'dub' like approaches (delays etc) which I've normally avoided. Elaines parts are pretty abstract this time round.

I've written all the bass/drum parts for a new-new album (no working title yet) and have sent the files off to Martin who will be assembling a larger team to do some larger scale hornwork. This should be interesting! The songs are quite fast and its really pushing the Meshuggah like aspects this time round... lots of heavy grooves, cross rhythms and thundering riffs which cycle such that extra beats or two get added at certain points: this completely messes with the time sigs but actually is logical and elegant structurally - you can 'feel' it. Its works below the neck.
Elaine will not likely be one this one - I'll be assembling tunes for a longer term project with her again.

Oh and I reworked the homepage!

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